Coping With Anger


I sense it in myself, like never before. Sure I knew there was some there, but I was never able to sense it as I do now.

The words I speak, the face, how it projects itself to others, to myself. It is clear that there is a lot of anger, a lot of frustration within. What is not clear is how long it has been there, fermenting…

Things, little things, set me off, although it probably has been like this for quite some time, I am just now noticing it. The fire of frustration burns deep. It’s like a violent hunger that wants to be satiated except in this case its stuck, unmoving like an undigested meal or someone who is trying to apply for no essay scholarships when they can write.

Fortunately these feeling are not uncontrollable. They can be kept in check.

Exercise is needed and strong meditation but when will those come, unless I force myself to do them?

Therein lies the difficulty…

Good Food, Bad Food.

One of the most prevalent immune responses of the body is the inflammation. In fact, without it we can’t heal. Sometimes it goes out of control, commonly referred to as rheumatoid arthritis and it can severely damage the body. Also, inflammation which is uncontrollable is said to cause heart disease, obesity and even cancer. Therefore, we should try as much as possible to keep inflammation under control. Although, the hormonal response and balance and play a bigger role in controlling inflammation, our diet often tends to spur inflammation.

These inflammatory foods are rich in saturated fat and contain high sugar content. When we eat these inflammatory foods, they tend to cause overreaction of the immune system consequently causing joint pains (arthritis), fatigue and even damage to the blood vessels. The good news is that, there are those foods which can curb inflammation. These are anti-inflammatory foods. They help greatly in countering and preventing the overreaction of the immune system. In fact, one of the essays we received in someone’s application for scholarships for women over 40 talked about how to avoid inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory foods serve unprecedented purposes in our body systems. They reduce inflammation while at the same time providing consistent and reliable energy to our bodies. These sugar-free low-fat foods provide our bodies with essential vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, protective phytonutrients and dietary fiber. Actually, anti-inflammatory diet is a way of selecting and preparing diets based on scientific knowledge which contains few or no amounts of sugar and fats in order to gain an optimum health and prevent inflammation.

Good Communications.

As we most of them Know good Communication is one of the main real ways for an Human Being to lead A successfull happy life either like starting from the schooling to college, then in the professional work and finally in inside the Family also, the correct Clear simple Communication is very very Much necessary between any different persons to be in good relations.

So Along with good communication good Listening Skills will come as the Other face of Communication, Hence their should be a very good gel between the communications and Listening from the both the ends to express correctly what we want to say and their by get the correct expected result in a royal way, Instead with out creating any problems which leads to many sub-problems, which makes all of them to lose their cool and brain in the heat of the moment and communication always stands still at the top as for our real standard of living. For those entering in the medical space, this is also important, this is true, even if you think you do not have what it takes to communicate with patients and need an anatomy and physiology study guide to help you through school.

Communication Basics.

Communication is a process by which information is transmitted among individuals. In everyday life, passing of information is a must. The ability to pass information well has always provided advantages to those who possess it. Good communication skills are absolutely vital in relationships and in one’s working place.

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We have very many channels of passing information namely written and electronic.

Another one :)

Written communication is a way of putting information on paper. This includes memorandums, telegrams and letters. It has a number of advantages including being referred to all the time and being accurate. It also has its own disadvantages including wastage of time and being costly.

Electronic communication refers to electronic equipment. For example, television and internet. This channel is effective because, information can be send anytime anywhere like the way it is with emails. Believe it or not, it does not lack demerits also. For instance, it is not possible for a person to send an email if one does not have network. It’s not like your trying to apply for weird scholarships or something.

Things I Have (Sorta) Learned

Over the past few years I’ve become much more conscious of the amount of money I’m spending. With a family of 4 plus a dog, and only one income, saving money where we can is crucial. Here are 5 of the top ways I have learned to save money:

1. Only Shop The Sales
Unless you REALLY need something, try to only buy what is on sale. Look at the grocery flyers and make a list of what to buy and stick to that list when you go shopping.

2. Use Coupons
Use of coupons has become increasingly popular over the past several years. You can save a LOT of money by using coupons and sometimes even get items for free by combining a sale with a coupon.

3. Sign up for Rewards Programs
Many grocery stores and other stores offer rewards cards where you earn points when you shop there, and you can then redeem your points for free things. This is a great way to save money at the places you shop at the most.

4. Ask Your Credit Card Company for a Rate Reduction
Depending on your credit history and what type of credit card you have, some credit card companies will reduce your interest rate if you simply call them and ask – this can end up saving you a lot of money! Some sites tout a credit card consolidation loan is possible, but really?

5. Eat Out Less
By cutting down on the amount of money you’re spending at restaurants or on take out you can save a great deal of money. This includes getting your coffee from a drive-thru. You will be amazed by how much money you save by cooking more at home and making your morning coffee at home.

Here’s to the day!

Life seems to take so many different types of turns that many times, it is a little hard to try to see what is going on with your life. Sometimes, it would seem that you may have hit a deadend, but really, it is only an ending of that road and a new road opens. Speaking of roads. I am hoping to be able to see one of the James Bond cars in person one day, that would be so cool. Anyway, I have put the road map on the bottom over here to La Palma. Although I have never visited La Palma, I think if I did, I would like to go to Santa Cruz.

We were studying about this the other day in class and I hope to update a little more information on this subject as well soon. I am also thinking of going to a few different others schools, but I am not so sure I would be able to in or not, so I may have to wait. We were looking into sites like these: , and discussing the realism vs what someone is really able to get when they apply to college. Anyway, I am also looking into Financial Aid in Spain


To My.

Lately, I have been looking at a few places to go and visit, one place that I have thought about visiting is Iceland.

This video is about 20 minutes long and I think it shows how nice Iceland really is. The city looks very rich, to me at least.

I often wonder if they have the same issues that we do in the US, for example, everywhere I look I see sites about consolidation loans for people with bad credit . On the other hand, we have sites like which also helps pople get card loans or at least , refers people to get In the world of fast moving business, I think that larger banks should be able to help more with the economy. I know the federal government is helping out with the health care act, which seems to helping quite a few people with their ability to get insuracne. Personally, I do not have a stance on this. I do know in Canada they have real good health care.

What Has Become

I was reading a book the other day about the what people think about the coming years and I think what many people enjoy are sports. Sports seems to make the work go around better. It helps you get your mind off of everything and helps you get into a better frame of mind. Soccer is a sport that I used to play a long time ago. And for those who are looking for the some of the latest games, you can go here to see who is playing.

Now, people are able to get their fav logo on their plastic cards.

Something that we looked into that was an interesting study was the fact that there are people who have to get a credit card settlement from spending too much money on going to games. I would have never thought that this statistic would be real, but we found it here.

Very interesting to say the least. I would have never thought that the NFL would promote credit but, hey, I can think of worse things.

Landing on the moon

Well, not really, but that is what I felt like when I got my job as an editor for a local newspaper. I loved it and it really helped me understand why people write the things they do and why so more interested in quite a few different subjects. For example, some of the people that I went to college with had a variety of interests. Although I was trying to major in psychology I found myself hanging around people who loved computers and also who love to program. This is one of my loves and I quickly started to become friends with quite a few people because I liked the way that they put together thoughts. Prior to this I felt myself as a little disorganized and I really look up to people that could write a program and create a lot of organization in a very short period of time. As the years went by out decided to start to try to get into writing and I felt like that was one of the best things that I could do and I seem to have a certain flow of writing that I was very happy with.

Here is a resource: the resources a great resource that lists different types of books that are great for writers. I feel that if a person is going to get into writing quite a bit that it is good for them to learn how to write different types of things and example of writing would be writing press releases.

Press Release on debt consolidation loans for bad credit :




Short Stories:

And Finally Novels:

Those are either examples of that type are writing or how to write this was the pieces. Now we forgot one thing which is poetry.

At any rate, his longest one is a good writer then it is only about learning the sequence that words need to be in. However, short stories and novels can be a little complicated when you’re trying to create an engaging plot but is completely doable.

Finding Peace in the Storm

Some of my favorite acoustic guitar music

Having a few experience as school, it was a little difficult. Trying to find myself in the midst of the storm can be difficult at time.

I did find some great inspirational quotes here.

That site is pretty good, and more quotes here too.

Here is a recent story about about people like me .lol This story is worth reading when you have a chance.