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Lately, I have been looking at a few places to go and visit, one place that I have thought about visiting is Iceland.

This video is about 20 minutes long and I think it shows how nice Iceland really is. The city looks very rich, to me at least.

I often wonder if they have the same issues that we do in the US, for example, everywhere I look I see sites about consolidation loans for people with bad credit . On the other hand, we have sites like which also helps pople get card loans or at least , refers people to get In the world of fast moving business, I think that larger banks should be able to help more with the economy. I know the federal government is helping out with the health care act, which seems to helping quite a few people with their ability to get insuracne. Personally, I do not have a stance on this. I do know in Canada they have real good health care.

What Has Become

I was reading a book the other day about the what people think about the coming years and I think what many people enjoy are sports. Sports seems to make the work go around better. It helps you get your mind off of everything and helps you get into a better frame of mind. Soccer is a sport that I used to play a long time ago. And for those who are looking for the some of the latest games, you can go here to see who is playing.

Now, people are able to get their fav logo on their plastic cards.

Something that we looked into that was an interesting study was the fact that there are people who have to get a credit card settlement from spending too much money on going to games. I would have never thought that this statistic would be real, but we found it here.

Very interesting to say the least. I would have never thought that the NFL would promote credit but, hey, I can think of worse things.

Landing on the moon

Well, not really, but that is what I felt like when I got my job as an editor for a local newspaper. I loved it and it really helped me understand why people write the things they do and why so more interested in quite a few different subjects. For example, some of the people that I went to college with had a variety of interests. Although I was trying to major in psychology I found myself hanging around people who loved computers and also who love to program. This is one of my loves and I quickly started to become friends with quite a few people because I liked the way that they put together thoughts. Prior to this I felt myself as a little disorganized and I really look up to people that could write a program and create a lot of organization in a very short period of time. As the years went by out decided to start to try to get into writing and I felt like that was one of the best things that I could do and I seem to have a certain flow of writing that I was very happy with.

Here is a resource: the resources a great resource that lists different types of books that are great for writers. I feel that if a person is going to get into writing quite a bit that it is good for them to learn how to write different types of things and example of writing would be writing press releases.

Press Release on debt consolidation loans for bad credit :




Short Stories:

And Finally Novels:

Those are either examples of that type are writing or how to write this was the pieces. Now we forgot one thing which is poetry.

At any rate, his longest one is a good writer then it is only about learning the sequence that words need to be in. However, short stories and novels can be a little complicated when you’re trying to create an engaging plot but is completely doable.

Finding Peace in the Storm

Some of my favorite acoustic guitar music

Having a few experience as school, it was a little difficult. Trying to find myself in the midst of the storm can be difficult at time.

I did find some great inspirational quotes here.

That site is pretty good, and more quotes here too.

Here is a recent story about about people like me .lol This story is worth reading when you have a chance.