We were having some fun times in our teds woodworking review group this afternoon and a few of us decided it would be fun/funny to get on the instructors mic to sing something.  We had the okay from the instructor of course but thought we’d do it to get over nerves and things that hinder people normally from doing something exciting.  So, I did not automatically volunteer but was more pushed into doing this.  I will have to say that after I reluctantly went up there, I sang my part and I will have to say that It wasn’t as bad as I thought.  As a matter of fact, I think all classes should do this kind of exercise.  It really boosted up my confidence.


Our puppy is so curious about the things around him, it is too funny to watch. We took him downstairs about 8:30 pm and we noticed that he was sniffing around quite a bit. This wasn’t the I need to go to the bathroom sniff, more so it was him looking for something. Well, we finally were able to see in the grass, it was a frog, funny enough the frog just froze and our dog left it alone thinking it was a rock or something.  Potty training him, has been great, as easy as easy scholarships to apply for, thank goodness for my hubby those are easy now.  but, potty training can be easy also if you just take the time.  More on that later.


For some reason, our puppy just loves to chew on everything, when I say everything, he will put anything in his mouth, not the furniture though thankfully. We took him outside today to go to the restroom and there was a dead dragonfly laying in the grass and part of it’s wing was laying next to it. Wouldn’t you believe he actually tried to put the wing in his mouth. Ewww gross. Yep, that’s a puppy for you, thinking they can just chew on anything.  If this were as easy and quick as quick scholarships, I think my puppy would have already stopped chewing.


I don’t understand kids now, they are always looking out for themselves and don’t think about the consequences of their actions. I don’t mean the typical stuff that teenagers do like talk back and maybe do one little thing wrong in school. I’m talking about children now doing much more serious things. Then, they reap the consequences and dont’ even apologize or even acknowledge that they’ve done anything wrong.

They are going to need this if they don’t make the right decisions.


We were driving down, coming from an eliminate your credit card debt seminar, we were on the road today and there were some pigeons on the side of the road. They were walking on the sidewalk when we came up to a stop light. As we were waiting for the light to change, the pigeons attempted to cross the part of the road where the cross walk is. They seemed to not care that cars were attempting to turn right and didn’t have any regard for the fact that they may get run over. It was pretty funny. Finally when a car sped up to turn, they flew away.

Water Skiing

I never have been able to learn how to water ski. I’m not sure if I will ever learn. When I was younger, our dad used to strap on the beginner skiis onto us. I don’t know if you remember those but they looked like regular skiis except the two skiis were tied together. I’m guessing so that the beginner, in their learning how to do something new doesn’t all of the sudden accidentally do a split and hurt something severely. He would put us on the beach and take off. It never failed that I would get about a cups worth of sand and or water in my mouth and would let go and never learned. Is this wackier than wacky scholarships, or do I just want to try this again I thought.  Perhaps I will have the nerve to try it again sometime later in life.


Fishing was always a relaxing thing for me, exciting also. When we were kids, we’d go to our aunts dock and we would bait the hooks ourselves, cast out our lines, and wait. We would wait, then wait, then wait, we used the red and white bobbers so when we saw that thing move, we whipped our poles back as fast as possible in hopes that we caught something big. I don’t think we caught much but it was exciting and fun. It was nice just sitting out there talking amongst ourselves, looking at the sun reflect off of the water. The best part of course is when we caught something, how exciting to see what we were going to pull in with our fishing poles.  This was about as exciting as learning how to get a scholarship back in my school days.


We went to the beach yesterday and we could not believe how strong the currents were. My husband and my daughter took their wake boards and went out to “surf” the waves. I looked down for just a fraction of a second and when I looked back up, there were about 100 feet away to my right. I thought, wow, I wonder how they got there that fast, fast like learning how to consolidate credit card debt. Then, I myself went in to catch a little coolness in the water as I was a bit hot from the sun.

Now I see why they floated so far away. If you weren’t careful, the tide was catching you and carrying you away. It’s a good thing I didn’t go too deep.


Crocheting or any craft for that matter can be instrumental to your well being. I remember my grandmother teaching us how to crochet when we were younger. That has helped me throughout the years in having a hobby and something that I can do that gives me peace. If you don’t like crocheting, try needlepoint, or building something, or painting. Whatever it is, it will keep your mind from wandering and give you a sense of accomplishment when it’s completed. I have made things for other people also. I have made needlepoint bibs for friends and blankets, it’s really a fulfilling thing. It’s much better than watching tv all day or sitting there with your thoughts bored.

So when you’re bored from watching too many infomercials about how to get scholarships, pick up one of these hobbies.


Taking a vacation is really important to get away every now and again. I had to drive about 7 hours away for an appointment the other day. Instead of looking at it like a bad thing, I decided to make a small “vacation” out of it. We had a blast, the drive was through country roads and was absolutely beautiful. It was a very peaceful drive, didn’t seem like a long trip at all. To be honest, looking at it that way made the appointment I had to go to seem not so bad. It was for credit card consolidation loans, pay off meeting.  It really felt more like a vacation than anything else. I think having a good outlook on things really makes a difference.